10 Best Conan Exiles Server Hosting

With a Conan exiles server hosting you are always online irrespective of any players in it or not. Conan exiles are one of the most renowned survival games. If you are looking for the best conan exiles server hosting available to bring your online game to life then you have come to the right place. Mentioned below are some of the top server hosting available for your barbaric adventure. Along with the hosting details, there are exiles server rental and much other information below.

Host Havoc:

The hosting infrastructure of host havoc allows high availability of 99.9% or greater. This is possible because it has the best data centers and some of the most reliable uplinks for a complete thrill experience. The customer support offered by host havoc is fast and reliable making it one of the best Conan Exiles servers hosting. Host havoc offers NVMe SSDs that are seven-time faster than the standard SSDs. The hosting server offered by host havoc is built on the Ryzen and Xeon e-series giving you a different experience altogether.

Ping Perfect:

Ping Perfect is one of the most renowned game servers hosting that will allow you a better experience. Ping perfect has dedicated servers and the latest hardware offering you a completely new experience playing Conan Exile on it. The hosting company is prompt and ensures to help the players with any queries within 20 minutes, which is remarkable. Ping perfect has a data center worldwide being able to offer players a great experience throughout the globe.

Survival Servers:

If you are looking forward to the best server hosting for Conan Exile then survival servers are the ones to opt for. Several factors make survival servers one of the best servers hosting not only for Conan Exile but also for many games. The game server can be deployed immediately to experience a completely new level of gaming. The company offers affiliate programs that offer a 10% commission on all invoices. The customer service offered is fast and responsive making it the favorite hosting server for many.

Game Servers:

Game servers are one of the most renowned hosting services for gamers equipped with 100% dual quad-core servers. The network offered by Game servers is excellent allowing you an uninterrupted experience. The game servers are offered at a reasonable price capable of offering you the best gaming experience. The customer support works 24/7 providing gamers with all support whether technical or general. The process of getting the game server is straightforward. Buy the server by paying the rental and get started within minutes.

Server Blend:

This is one of the best-priced game servers ready to offer you a host of features like no other servers. It is equipped with a Xeon CPU clocked at 4.7 GHz and NVME storage for the perfect gaming experience. You can experience lag-free gaming with the help of DDoS protected network. You can choose your hardware and upgrade anytime for the best experience. You can choose a standard or custom hardware as per your liking to bring your online gaming to life. Conan Exile gaming with this hosting server is remarkable and is necessary if you are a gaming enthusiast.

GTX Gaming:

If you are looking for the best Conan Exile hosting servers then you have come to the right place. GTX Gaming is one of the most renowned gaming servers to give you a lag-free experience while playing complex games online like Conan Exile. The company I sin the hosting business for 14 years and ensure the utmost quality. They cover the entire globe having data management everywhere to provide you endless experience from anywhere in the world. It offers a low ping 10GB connection that is remarkable for gaming enthusiasts.

Logic Servers:

Logic Servers is one of the most popular hosting servers for Conan exiles gaming as it comes with protection from attackers keeping your servers safe. You can play a host of the top online games lag-free with the help of Logic Servers. The services are offered instantly minutes after receiving the payment that ensures that you do not keep waiting to play your favorite games online. There is Mod support for all the games taking your gaming experience to the next level. The hosting server offers low-cost domain names that you can use for gaming online. The servers offer a powerful gaming experience using the most powerful processors, SSD storage, and gigabit uplinks.

AGS Hosting:

Several features make AGS hosting a dedicated gaming server for Conan Exiles. You can instantly set up the servers irrespective of your location, which is remarkable. The support team is fast and reliable offering 24/7 services. There are unlimited HDD, CPU, and RAM resources for the best gaming experience. You can easily install Mods with a single click and it is updated automatically. It also offers automatic backup so that you do not lose any vital information. The control panel is straightforward offering ARK settings.

Streamline Servers:

Streamline Servers are one of the safest hosting servers for Conan Exile as it is equipped with the latest DoS and DDoS protection for both domestic and international attacks. The customer service offered is fast and reliable that works round the clock to help gamers worldwide. Any problems can be configured in real-time due to the server company allowing users to view each node they own for the best results. You can install Mod with a single click and it is updated automatically.

Nitrous Networks:

Nitrous Servers are high-performing gaming servers to offer you the best and lag-free experience while playing Conan Exile online. The game servers use the latest SSD technology involved to offer a high gaming experience to players. The server company offers protection from DDoS attacks with the help of global filtering PoPs. Once the payment is received, you can instantly set up the servers and start playing online. The overall maintenance and connectivity are top-notch, which is why many players choose this server-hosting platform to play Conan Exile.


Server hosting platforms offer players a new level of experience providing security, assistance, and lag-free gaming. Mentioned above are the top servers hosting platforms to play Conan Exile.